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All Emails in the To: field will receive this gift card at the price you select. Separate emails with a comma.

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Gift Cards are a great way for your family and friends to help your child with their holiday gift shopping.

All gift cards are usable only on A Small World Gift Shop’s Virtual Holiday Shop.

Please select a dollar amount that you would like each of your Recipients to receive. Each recipient will receive the same amount. Whoever you add to your TO section will each
receive the dollar amount your selected and the same message that you entered. For example, if you select $25.00 and you enter three different email addresses your Total would be $75.00. Each recipient will receive their own individual $25.00 gift card in the email address provided with their own Gift Card code number on it. The quantity on the bottom will not change because each email address would be receiving one gift card.

If you would like each of your recipients to receive a different dollar amount please do each one separately and add each one to your cart. Please change your message for each separate card ordered.

If you are ordering a number of gift cards and they are going to the same email address please select the amount that you would like to order in the quantity area. If you would like three $10.00 cards then change the quantity to 3 and the total would then be $30.00. The email address entered would receive three different gift cards with three different codes but the same message.

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