How It Works

We wanted to create a fun, easy way for children to purchase gifts for their family and friends while staying safe. A Small World Gift Shop fully believes that children should learn about money management as well as the joy of giving to others. Our merchandise is chosen to appeal to children and family alike, while also being within a child’s price range.

All of our gifts are sorted by family members to make it easier for you and your child to look through and pick out gifts for everyone. Together you can simply browse through our Gifts selection and add the items your child would like to purchase to the cart and then select check out. All items will be shipped directly to your home!

If you do not have the time to look through our gift selection with your child please check out our Surprise Box section. Just let us know who your child would like to shop for and how much they would like to spend on each person and we will choose their gifts for them from our most popular, best-selling gifts.

We advise parents not to let children check out with their credit card by themselves. You can join them in the gift selection process and help them through checkout. We also offer Gift Cards, so you, or any other family member or friend who wants to help your child shop, can simply purchase a Gift Card and you can let your child know how much they have to spend.

If you want to be surprised you can go to our website and show your child how to go to the Gifts tab and open each section for the person they would like to shop for. They can then click on the item and add it to the cart. When they are finished you should take over and go to the checkout page. Please make sure all information is filled out completely. Including your child’s school and classroom information. Also, make sure to include a valid email address. If you have a Gift Card make sure to add the Gift Card’s code to the Apply Code section to get your discount for your card.

Have fun shopping and thank you for supporting your school and our small business; you are supporting our dreams!