Gift Shop Gift Cards

Gift Cards are always available and are a great choice if any family member or friend would like to help your child shop for their holiday gifts. This is a
great option especially if someone lives far away but would still like to help your child shop. The sponsor/family member can simply purchase a gift card and you can let your child know how much they have to spend once you receive it in your email.

How Our Gift Cards Work

When purchasing a gift card first pick the amount you would like to send. Then enter one or more recipient email addresses, separating each email with a comma. This is required for the recipient(s) to receive their unique code. You can then include a note on who the gift card is from and a custom message.

The child, or their parents, will receive the gift card message in their email, as well as a code. On checkout, they simply need to enter the code in the required field and the gift card amount will be subtracted from their total. Any extra, unspent amount will be useable on any future orders.

Received multiple gift cards or want to enter the gift card code only once? You can link the gift cards directly to your account by going to My Account then to Gift Cards. Once gift cards are added to your account you can choose to use them anytime at checkout.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-530-0169 with any questions you may have. We’re here to help.